Windows 12 Release Date: Rumors, speculations, and everything about its arrival

Windows 12 Release Date: Since the early 90s, Microsoft Windows has been the most commonly used operating system in the entire world. During this time, we all have witnessed the platform enjoying its fair share of successes and failures from the glorious success of Windows 7 to the ambitious yet disastrous Windows 8.

Microsoft has remained silent regarding the Windows 12 Release Date, rumors, and all the speculations. However, based on the company’s history, it has been speculated that Windows 12 will be launched in the second half of 2024.

As humans, we can spot patterns like this. It is both a blessing and a curse. However, this may lead us to make un-informed and biased decisions. In this article, we will discuss everything about the rumored OS that is expected to be released very soon.

Windows 12 release date: Overview Table

Name of the authorityMicrosoft
Operating systemWindows 12
TopicWindows 12 Release Date
Windows 12 Release DateSecond half of the 2024 (Expected)
Operating systemMore AI enabled (Expected)
Hardware requirementsUpgraded (Expected)
Subscription feeCan be paid or free (no details)

What do we know about the fuss of Windows 12?

However, Microsoft has not made any official confirmation regarding the Windows but it has been expected that the Windows will be released in the second half of 2024 based on the company’s previous release playbook and leaks aligning the traditional launch date of Windows by Microsoft. It has been anticipated that Windows 12 will be launched with AI capabilities. Also, hardware requirements for Windows 12 may be more demanding than its previous versions like faster CPUs, more RAM, or compatible upgraded graphic cards.

  • Subscription fee  

There is no clear information regarding the subscription of Windows 12. It will be a subscription-based operating system or some anticipate that Windows 12 will not require a subscription amount to use.

  • A new desktop user interface 

As per new reports, Microsoft is working on a completely new AI-powered Windows shell with an advanced version of copilot integrated into the shell. As per the rumors, windows 12 won’t have a static desktop interface. Copilot will always be active in the background which helps in searching or finding the projects in the background. Also, windows 12 might have the timeline feature that has been removed in the last version of Windows which is Windows 11. This feature allows you to jump back in time and find applications or websites on which you were working earlier. Additionally, windows 12 might come with a floating taskbar that may be placed on the screen top.

The most compelling evidence of the arrival of Windows 12 came from the chief financial officer of Intel named Dave Zinsner who predicted a surge in PC sales driven by the arrival of Windows 12 in the next year.

  • AI, AI, and AI 

As per rumors, Windows 12 will be all about AI and the company Microsoft is working on the next generation of surface laptops. The new Windows 12 will bring several new AI experiences with AI-powered interactive shells and much more.

  • Faster and seamless updates 

It has been rumored that Microsoft is planning to introduce seamless and faster updates. The company is working behind the scenes to make Windows 12 a modular operating system.

  • Rumored hardware requirements 

However, we haven’t heard much about the hardware requirements but again rumors say upgraded hardware will be required to run the new Windows 12. Also, Microsoft may continue to tighten the security on the Windows platform.

  • Design

Windows 11 bought a much-needed facelift to the operating system. Rounded corners, centered taskbar, and the updated icons were a few updates of Windows 11 and we are expecting to take this further whenever Microsoft is ready to push it.

The top source of Windows 12 Release Date leaks!

Most of the details that had been anticipated regarding the release date of the Windows 12 and other details regarding Windows 12 are coming from a single source which is Windows Central’s Zac Bowden who has tentacles inside the company and has a decent record when it comes to Windows predictions.

Some of the highlights of his leaks include that the Windows 12 OS will be more artificial intelligence powered and it will switch to a more lightweight modular code. Also, the codename is Hudson Valley. However, there is no latest thinking point coming from Bowden.

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