USA Tax Deadline 2024 What is the USA Tax Filing Deadline This year

Check out the details about the USA Tax Deadline 2023 What is the USA Tax Filing Deadline This year from this article. Different information about USA Tax Deadline 2023 What is the USA Tax Filing Deadline This year and other significant details are included in this article.

USA Tax Deadline 2024

Taxes must be filed before the deadline. Generally, the deadline to pay taxes in the USA falls on Tax Day. The citizens are supposed to file their due 2022 income tax return correctly before April 18. The deadline for the USA Tax Filing was April 15; however, it was changed to April 18 due to the Emancipation Day. The deadline for filing US taxes is generally the 15th day of the 4th month after the end of the fiscal year.

The deadline is usually delayed to the next business day if it falls on a Saturday/Sunday/Legal Holiday. Nowadays, most of the individuals use the e-filing means to file their taxes. This is the fastest and most efficient method to file taxes in the USA. The e-filing process is faster, and the returns are processed more quickly as well.

What is the USA Tax Filing Deadline This year?

The deadline for the USA Tax Filing was April 18 this year. However, the automatic extension allows the individuals to file up to October 16. In the case of certain taxpayers outside the USA, they will get an automatic extension for up to 2 months, i.e., June 15. More detailed information regarding the USA Tax Filing Deadline 2023 can be learned through the authorized website of the Internal Revenue Services.

However, some people still use paper filing methods, i.e., sent by mail. As we know, the paper filing method takes time to be delivered as well as processed. Therefore, the deadline for the paper filers is generally determined through the postmark date. The mailed envelope should be completed, properly addressed and should be postmarked by the deadline.

Similar to the deadline for the paper filers, the deadline for the e-filers is determined using an electronic return transmitter postmark. The electronic postmark is a record of when the authorized electronic return transmitter received the e-filed return on its host system. In addition, it also records the date and time, which determines whether the return is submitted before the deadline.

USA Tax Filing Deadline 2024

People should always file accurate tax returns on time before the deadline, i.e., October 16 (extended). If the taxpayers miss the deadline stated by the IRS, they might have to pay additional amounts. Therefore, taxpayers should request an extension to avoid paying extra money.

There are many benefits of filing the tax returns before the deadline. People can avoid damage to their credit score if they file accurately and on time. The credit score can be damaged if a lien is placed against the individual, which damages the credit score. Furthermore, taxpayers should frequently check all the latest information published by the IRS on its authorized web portal regarding the Tax Filing Deadline 2023.

USA Tax Deadline Extension 2024

Previously, taxpayers residing in California, Alabama and Georgia received an extension of the Tax Deadline up to May 16. Now, the individual and business tax returns, as well as tax payments, can be done until October 16. The deadline should have been October 15, but instead, it is October 16. This is because October 15 is Sunday.

Individuals residing in other states can apply for an extension of the deadline, i.e., automatic extension. The automatic extension allows the taxpayers to request up to six months’ time extension to file their taxes. However, the extension is only applicable for time to file. It does not mean that the taxpayers will get an extension of time to pay.

To apply for the Tax Deadline Extension, the taxpayers must submit Form 4868 before their original due date. In addition, taxpayers are advised to pay their owed taxes before their original deadlines to avoid additional penalties.

The Forms for individuals, and businesses and corporations are different from one another. The list of different forms for each purpose is provided by the IRS on its authorized web portal. For example:- Businesses and Corporations need to complete Form 7004 (Automatic Extension of Time to File).

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