How to get diamond in Free Fire 2024

Today in this article we are going to know how you can get diamond in Free Fire. You can buy diamonds in 6 different ways in the Free Fire game . Whose details we have given in the article below.

If you are a Free Fire player then you must know the value of diamonds. All the players of Free Fire want to buy diamonds and with the help of these diamonds they buy different things of Free Fire.

Today in this article we are going to tell you about how to get diamonds in 6 different ways, if you want to know how to get diamonds in Free Fire then read this article completely.


6 different ways to get diamonds in Free Fire

1. Top up

Top up is the most common way you can buy diamonds in Free Fire. In this way you can buy 100, 300, 520, 1060, 2180 and 5600 diamonds in Free Fire.

The top up method is the most expensive way to get diamonds in Free Fire. If you want to buy 100 diamonds then you will have to pay a charge of Rs 80. Similarly, if you want to buy diamonds of Rs 300, 520, 1060, 2180 and 5600 then you will have to pay a charge of Rs 250, 400, 800, 1600 and 4000 respectively. Which will be very expensive.

Diamond AmountPrice
10080 INR
310240 INR
520400 INR
1060800 INR
21801600 INR
56004000 INR

If you are thinking of buying a diamond then you should not buy it in this situation. Apart from this, another way is special offers which are given below.

2. Special Offers

This is another way from where you can get diamonds for Free Fire. If you buy diamonds through this method then you can get very cheap diamonds from top up because the name of this method itself is special offer, which shows that you can buy diamonds from the special offer of Free Fire.

Most Free Fire users use this method to buy diamonds cheaply. With this you get very good offers.

3. Level Up Pass

If you do not want to buy diamonds all at once, then this method of buying diamonds is for you. The name of this method is level up pass. In this way you can buy two types of level up passes.

If you purchase the Level Up Pass, you are allowed to purchase some items for free in Free Fire. If you buy Golden Level Up Pass then you can buy everything in Free Fire with the help of this pass.

4. Membership

It allows you to subscribe to Free Fire and for a period of time allows you to claim Free Fire diamonds for free. If there is any upcoming event in Free Fire, something like Booyah Pass, then you can take membership in advance. If you’re subscribed, you’ll be given free items and exclusive passes to upcoming events.

5. Subscription

If you subscribe to Free Fire, you will be given free diamonds every day from Free Fire which you can claim.

6. Top Up Event

This is the best way to get the most diamonds in Free Fire. 70% of Free Fire users like to get diamonds in this way because this method has two benefits.

This method is a combination of the first method, in this method also you have to top up, so that along with Diamond, Free Fire also gives you other rare items for free.

This top up event in Free Fire lasts for some time only and after the specified time this event ends. Therefore, it is important to top up during the event.

So these were some 6 ways by which you can buy diamonds in Free Fire Max. In all these methods you will have to pay money. Hope you liked this post, thank you for reading this post till the end.

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