Download free fire without internet, Easy Way to Get

Currently the size of Free Fire is more than 611MB, and it is also increasing with time. The main reason for this is that things like new characters, pets, clothes, gun skins, events etc. are being added to this game.

When Free Fire was newly launched, its size was only 150MB. However, as time went on, the graphics and other features of the game improved and Free Fire grew in size with the addition of more characters and some events.

As shown on the Play Store, Free Fire’s storage is 611MB, but it only contains a portion of the game app. If you want things like emotes, skills, clothes, etc. in the game, you will have to download these features separately. These things are more than 2GB in size.


In this case, the total Free Fire app is of 3.11GB. New users often have only up to 1.5GB of internet data. Therefore, they are unlikely to spend so much internet data just to play games.

The Free Fire game brings a major update every 3 months, ranging in size from 500MB to 1GB. Due to this, users who have only 1 to 1.5GB of internet data face difficulties in updating.

It is not necessary that you always have an Internet connection. In this article, we will explain how you can download games like Free Fire without internet data. Let’s get started and find out how this can be possible.

download free fire without internet

If you do not have even a little internet data, then there is no need to worry because we will tell you a trick to download Free Fire without using internet.

In this trick you will need two mobile phones. To download or install Free Fire in one mobile and Free Fire should already be installed in the other mobile.

Now, you have to open a similar file transfer application in both the mobiles, like ShareMe, Nearby Share, Mx Player, Xender etc.

Select the ‘Receive’ option on the mobile in which you want to install Free Fire. And in the mobile which already has Free Fire, select the option of ‘Send’.

As soon as you select the send option, you will see many options to share mobile files. You have to transfer the Free Fire app and its data to another mobile.

You will see the Free Fire app on the first screen only, transfer it to another mobile.

Now, you have to transfer the Free Fire data also. For this, you have to go to the file manager option of the file transfer application, and from there you have to go to the ‘Android’ folder.

There will be a folder named ‘obb’ in the ‘Android’ folder, which has to be clicked. In this folder there will be a folder named ‘com.dts.freefireth’, in which all the data of Free Fire is stored. Now, you also send this data to another mobile.

When you have Free Fire app and data in both your mobiles, you can install the Free Fire app.

The Free Fire data will have to be moved to the ‘com.dts.freefireth’ folder inside the ‘obb’ folder in the ‘Android’ folder of your mobile’s internal storage.

When you follow all the steps given above, you will be able to install Free Fire on your mobile without using the internet. If you do not follow the steps given above, an error message may appear while opening Free Fire.

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