CRA Tax Refund Scam, New Tax Refund Scam That You Should Be Aware Of Today

In this article, you will get to know about the CRA Tax Refund Scam: New Tax Refund Scam That You Should Be Aware Of Today. Every taxpayer should be alert related to there tax scam. Scammers can make the scams in different ways, which include email, SMS, and phone calls. The individual taxpayer must be alert related to the scam; the CRA regularly makes the taxpayer alert related to tax refund scams. For further information related to the CRA Tax Refund Scam, the latest scams, avoidance techniques, and more, continue browsing this article.

CRA Tax Refund Scam

As a taxpayer, the individual should be cautious related to scams. If you receive any communication related to the Canada Revenue Agency refunds and requests for your personal information, such as your SIN, bank details, and more. Then you should be aware of this.

The scams can steal money through your personal details by impersonating the CRA with legitimate demands. The federal Canada Revenue Agency will never ask any taxpayer for their personal or financial details via mail. Scammers may offer you a refund, can pressure and threaten you with jail, or send money.

Recognize the CRA Tax Refund Scam

You must be aware of when CRA contacts you, your refund dates, what CRA may ask, etc. The scammers can make the scam through the phone, email, mail, or text messages.

Scams via phone: If someone receives a phone call that tells about the CRA, then you must e award that the CRA will never ask you for immediate payment, ask for free with the centre agent, never use aggressive language or make any threaten police,

The Canada Revenue Agency will first verify your identity with information like full name, DOB, or SIN. The CRA may ask you for your filing details in My Account or MBA, call you about your tax debt, or for the beginning of your audit process.


Scam via email: The CRA will never provide personal or financial details via email or link. Through mail, the CRA will never ask you to fill out any online form or send an email related to your refund.

Through email, the CRA may ask you to link your CRA webpage to notify you after receiving a new message or document related to your assessment or reassessment. Via email the CRA will send you to know the tax credit or the benefits of the CRA online services.

Scam via text message: The Canada Revenue Agency has introduced multi-factor authentication for all the services. The text message will only be delivered when you enroll with a telephone or one-time passcode.

CR will never send you any passcode on your WhatsApp or Facebook messenger related to your taxes and benefits from your My Account.

New Tax Refund Scam That You Should Be Aware Of Today

The Canada Revenue Agency regularly alerts taxpayers related to scams. Here are some latest tax refund scams you must be aware of today

  • Incentive payment via a text message due to climate action.
  • Benefits related to the emergency or disaster through text message or email.
  • Test SMS that contains personal information
  • Cryptocurrency scam via phone
  • Goods and services tax refund or credit scam
  • Harmonized sales tax refund scam
  • Emails messages that are offering the taxation refund

These are some latest tax refund scams that every taxpayer must be aware of.

Tips to Stay Safe from the CRA Tax Refund Scam

The taxpayer should be alert to the latest scams and their safety methods. Here are some tips tha keep you to stay safe from scams:

  • Do not enter any of the personal or financial details in any of the unofficial links.
  • Be careful when you receive an unexpected contact through CRA
  • Be aware that CRA will never pressure you to make an immediate payment. Use aggressive language.
  • CRA never sends a text message to claim the tax return.
  • The CRA will never send someone financial or personal information in the email that shows the amount, refunds, and claiming sum.

If someone receives a message, call, email or any other thing that looks like the right one, then first you should confirm it from the authorities. The taxpayer can connect with the CRA at 1800 959 8281 to have any assistance or face any issues related to the scam.

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