Community Service Card 2024 Application, Discounts, How to Get it? All You Should Know

Read all about the Community Service Card 2024 Application, Discounts, and How to Get it. All You Should Know. Emergency care, hospital care and a few treatments are free of cost at specific network hospitals in NZ. There are free doctor visits for children of 5 years and others whom the Community Service Card owner sponsors. The payment particularly depends upon the income status, age, residency and so on.

Community Service Card Discounts 2024

Community Service Card holders get massive discounts on prescription medicines reduced fares on buses and other public transportation, and accommodation costs. Low-income earners can claim the card if they qualify in the income and age criteria.

Like other healthcare systems, there are ongoing discussions on funding allocation and resource management. Work and income are actively working to vail more discounts on CSC and impart more funds to cope with the rapid rise in the cost of living.

How to Get Community Service Card?

To qualify individual must be 16 years or above and must have a low or average income. Also, marvellous news for all the New Zealand citizens who are residing in forign countries can get the card benefits if they are entitled to the Portable NZ superannuation.


Download the form from the official work and income website. Well, each province and territories have its eligibility norms and services for the community card.

Community Service Card 2024 Application

The application form for 2024 can be obtained in three ways. The first one is to download the form from the official website, place a call on the hotline number, or else ask the family doctor to provide you with one.

Individuals who are already receiving another government benefit will automatically get the card posted at their residential address. Eligible citizens residing in public housing do not have to undergo any application process.

In case any eligible is not getting a card benefit automatically via the government they need to fill out the application form. Here’s an overview of the steps that should be carried out through the procedure.

  • Collect all the crucial documents required to prove the identity. We have shared a list of major documents that are essential in the application procedure.
  1. Proof of residency. (Passport)
  2. Driving license, Bank Card with signature, and photo for identification.
  3. Birth certificates for the dependent children
  4. Marriage certificates, and divorce certificates in case of solo parenting.
  • Send the application to the address shared on the application form.  In the online process click on submit. Do not forget to attach the income proof along with the form.
  • Lastly, have patience and wait for the final result. If the application is selected the card will reach out to the applicant within a week or two.

The CSC will automatically stop working when an individual qualifies for the NZ Superannuation. The chief reason is the fluctuation in the income. For that candidates have to reapply for a fresh card. When reapplied the application will receive two cards the CSC and the Supergold card.

All You Should Know

CSC is available only to the citizens who qualify for the income limits designed by the Work and Home community. Have a glance at the table we have shared to see whether you qualify for the card or not.

Ambulance services in most of the countries are upmarket. Beneficiary part of the Supporter scheme gets free ambulance services in NZ. In most of the accidents in Wellington and Wairarapa, the ambulance fee is paid by the accident compensation corporation which makes it free of cost to the patient.

Specific doctors and specialists work in both the sectors private as well as public. Individuals will get the same level of service but the only difference will be seen in the meal at private services may be more expensive.

Category Per Annum Income Before Tax 
Single dwelling with others$31,705
Single living alone$33,646
Couples with no dependent child $50,313
 Solo NZ Superannuation$35,861
Married NZ Superannuation with no child$53,821
Family of two $61,455

Note Family of two includes single adult and single dependent child. For a Family of 3, a Family of 4, and so on there are diverse income standards.

There is no standard payment amount set by the government for CSC holders. Claimants have different income standards along with unique payout.

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