Child Maintenance UK, How Much Child Maintenance should I pay and When it Stops?

In this article, you will know about the Child Maintenance UK: How Much Child Maintenance should I pay and When it Stops? The crucial step taken by the Government in enhancing the lifestyle of the children is commendable. Child Maintenance UK scheme has benefitted around 59% of families in the country. Such kind of financial arrangements have helped the citizens in accomplishing the regular requirements.

Child Maintenance UK

Child Maintenance is a financial arrangement between both parents to help their child grow with sufficient living costs. This payment is usually made when the child and their parents are living separately. Child Maintenance is made for the child and the person who used to take care of the child.

This maintenance helps out the individual with the cost of Housing, food, clothing and other day-to-day needs. The maintenance cost reduces their parent’s annual income tax. If the child is growing up with their parents and they used to add their Maintenance charge in the income tax, then it is made voluntarily in the CMS. As well as it didn’t affect any other benefits that individuals receive from the Federal Government.

When Child Maintenance UK Stops?

The parents need to pay the child’s maintenance till their child’s 16th birthday. The payment can be till the child’s twenty birthday, which depends on his/her training status and education. It is considered that the children come to an age of earning a good income besides completing their academics.

Child Maintenance UK

Thus, the Government has made such a rule. However, there could be certain modifications as per the exemptions. The limit shall be found at that time of the filling process. Else, the applicants can contact the concerned authorities to know the details.

Benefits of Child Maintenance UK

Both the parents and child will have certain benefits through the Child Maintenance Service. The benefits involved in CMS are:

  • The child will receive a sufficient amount of sum from their parents related to their day-to-day expenses.
  • It reduces the parent’s yearly income tax amount.
  • CMS didn’t affect any other benefits from the Government.
  • Parents will continue receiving the Social Security benefits.

The financial burden on the guardian shall be reduced. Most of the children stay with their siblings, uncles/aunts, or grandparents. The amount from the child maintenance plan would be a fruitful initiative for them.

How Much Child Maintenance Should I Pay?

The CMS depends on the maintenance payment offered by the parents per week. It is calculated by the service department of child maintenance. The payment rates depend on the number of children and their age.

  • For 1 Child: Parents need to pay 12 per cent of their weekly income to their child.
  • For 2 Child: Parents are required to pay 16 per cent of their weekly income to their child.
  • For 3 or more Children: Parents are required to pay a sum of 19 per cent of their weekly income toward their child’s maintenance.

As every individual weekly income is different, they can use the CMS calculator to have an accurate sum of the amount on a weekly basis.

How to Apply for Child Maintenance UK

To apply for child maintenance services in the UK can apply online or via your mobile phone. To apply online, an individual needs to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Browsing the leading portal of the UK GOVT in your web browser.

Step 2: After that, the Applicant will find further options related to the UK GOVT services on their home page.

Step 3: Applicants have to search for Child Maintenance Services in their portal.

Step 4: Then, the applicant will be asked for certain details related to their child and themselves.

Step 5: After filling out the required details, you need to add the required documents to that application.

Step 6: Click on the Submit button. Your application has been submitted.

By following the steps mentioned above, applicants can apply for their CMS in the UK. This service application will take up to 26 weeks after the application process. If someone finds any difficulties related to the application process, they can contact the helpdesk number at 0845 713 6000 from 8 am to 8 pm. Appliers can also apply by mail the form to the Child Support Agency on PO Box 20, EH01 5BD.

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