Apple WWDC 2024, IOS 18 Launch, Here is everything Apple announced

Apple has recently held a Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in which many new outstanding features have been revealed that are going to be AI-powered. Apple is now bringing its Apple Intelligence features after Microsoft and Google, which is going to give the best feature ever to iOS users. To increase its falling sales, Apple has adopted the principle of bringing AI features into many more products including the iPhone series.

Through the (WWDC 2024) Worldwide Developer Conference 2024, Apple has shown investors that Apple is making progress in artificial intelligence in the coming times. It has been said by Apple that the Apple Intelligent feature is going to give tough competition to companies like Microsoft and Google. All the major announcements made in Apple wwdc 2024 have been given to you in this article. so read the article completely.

Apple WWDC 2024

Apple is now finally ready to face off against Google and Microsoft companies who have already rolled out their AI features to premium smartphones. Apple AI framework supports many new features across all operating systems. These are as follows: iOS 18, iPad OS 18, watch OS 11 & Mac OS 15.

If we talk about the new iOS 18 users around the world can now download the beta version of iOS 18 which was launched on 10th June 2024. Still now no date has been fixed for iOS 18 release but it is expected that iOS 18 could be released in September like every year.

Apple Announcement WWDC 2024

  • WWDC Main focus: The Worldwide Developer Conference kicked off with the announcement of Apple Intelligence which will be coming to many iPhones, Macs, and iPads.
  • Siri with ChatGPT Update: With the help of Apple Intelligence, Siri found in Apple devices can now get information from messages, email, calendars, and photos as well as many third-party apps to answer a variety of questions if a user asks. Apart from this, users can also talk to Siri through text. Siri can also ask users if they need any help from ChatGPT.
  • iPhone update: With iOS 18, the location of all the apps found on the home screen in Apple devices can be rearranged and users can move any app to anywhere in the home screen. Apart from this, the new update provides the ability to customise the lock screen and control centre.
  • Mac OS update: the new update will provide many new features to Mac OS like screen mirroring, users can now link their smartphone to Mac and can see the phone screen on Mac devices. Improved video calls.
  • Genmiji Update: Apple users will be able to create their own emoji to express what they are trying to say when they can’t find the right emoji on the keyboard.
  • Private Cloud Compute: Apple said privacy is the top priority for them. Apple intelligence will leverage the Cloud-based Model on the special server using Apple silicone to secure all the user’s data.
  • Password app: like Google password manager Apple is now providing a password app to secure all the passwords you type on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices.
  • Safari Update: apple’s Safari web browser now supports AI features safari will highlight and extract helpful information from web pages.
  • Calculator on iPad: The calculator app now supports scientific calculator functions. Users can now use pencil mode on devices. Apple is also bringing a native calculator app to all iPads.
  • Watch OS 11: Apple announced Watch OS 11 at WWDC and it will come with all the new smartWatch features like training mode, customizable summary tab, vital app, pregnancy tracking, and photos for watch faces.
  • AirPods Update: airpods will be able to detect head motion to receive or reject phone calls, also the AirPods will support Siri, the Airpods can now isolate your voice even with a noisy background.

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