£24/Month Increase in UK Mortgage Payments Due to Interest Rate Hike: Read Full news

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£24/Month Increase in UK Mortgage Payments

Although the economy is starting to strengthen, purchasers are still being pressured by loan rates. Interest rate rises have caused a £24 monthly increase in UK mortgage payments for a number of major lenders as of the beginning of 2024.

After the most severe round of interest rate hikes in decades, millions more fixed-rate mortgage agreements expire and borrowers are compelled to renegotiate their house loans, costing homeowners an additional £19 billion in mortgage expenses.

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Understanding UK Mortgage Rate Trend

In reaction to the Bank of England’s decision to raise the base rate of interest from 0.1% to 5.25% in an effort to combat skyrocketing inflation, mortgage rates spiked during 2022 and the first half of 2023. Although inflation has been persistently high, there has lately been a larger-than-expected slowdown in inflation, which has caused mortgage rates to rise.

Banks are also conscious of the fact that many have been deterred from getting mortgages by high rates. People who find it difficult to make their repayments have become more numerous. Despite the decline, average property prices are still £40,000 more than pre-pandemic levels. Banks understand that in order to stay in business, they will have to lower mortgage rates.

£24/Month Increase in UK Mortgage Payments Overview

Article Title£24/Month Increase in UK Mortgage Payments Due to Interest Rate Hike
CountryUnited Kingdom
Increase Amount£24/Month
Net Increase£19 billion
Decided ByBank of England
More DetailsRead Here

£24/Month Increase in UK Mortgage Payments Due to Interest Rate Hike

In the United Kingdom, mortgage rates and rental rates have increased due to the sharp increase in interest rates in recent months. The Bank of England has attempted to lower the highest inflation in the Group of Seven major countries by raising rates to 5% after they were below 1% for the previous ten years.

The most recent increase in the Bank of England base rate will result in an average monthly increase of approximately £24 for mortgage holders on tracker arrangements. According to data from trade group UK Finance, the new 0.25 percentage point boost, which raises the base rate to 5.25%, will generally add £23.71 to monthly tracker payments, or approximately £285 annually, depending on the number of mortgages outstanding.

When accounting for all 14 base rate increases, average monthly payments for tracker plans will have climbed by £488.50, and for SVRs, assuming base rate increases have been completely passed on, they will have increased by £311.90. This comes out to an average yearly rise of £3,742.80 for SVR customers and £5,862 for those with tracker mortgages. In order to control inflation, the Bank of England raises base rates.

Concluding Words

Mortgage rates increased in the previous year, but they have since begun to decline. A reduction of up to 0.92 percentage points was made in fixed rate mortgage rates by lenders such as HSBC, Halifax, and Leeds Building Society in January 2024.

Young families in the city and the surrounding areas who have extremely big outstanding mortgages have been particularly hard hit by the Bank’s 13th consecutive interest rate hike. The move affects consumers nationwide with a variety of mortgage agreements.

Lenders are going to battle it out to make better mortgage offers as a result of the anticipated round of rate reduction. This week saw the lowest average rate on a two-year fixed home loan in almost seven months, thanks to updates from TSB, Halifax, and HSBC on their fixed-rate offerings.

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