Service Delivery Monitoring Framework

Project Development Objective Service Delivery Monitoring Indicators               Use of Outcome Information
To improve the efficiency, quality and accountability of health service delivery in Uttar Pradesh by strengthening the State Health Department’s management and systems capacity Data to be included in the annual report from hospitals under the accreditation program are:
Number of inpatients
Number of major surgeries
Average length of stay
Bed occupancy rate
Surgeries/operating theatre
Surgical site infection rate
Incidence of needle stick injury
Net death rate
BPL patients as % of total patients receiving treatment:
Maternity care
Lab services
Number of complaints received and handled.
Number of Rights to Information (RTI) cases received and response provided
Patient and Employee Satisfaction
Tracking of results of annual patient and employee satisfaction surveys

Data to be included in the annual report from primary care facilities under the accreditation program are: Percentage of districts with at least two First Referral Units (FRUs) offering comprehensive obstetric care according to guidelines; Number of institutional deliveries per year: (i) normal deliveries and (ii) c-sections
The indicator monitors the improvement in processes, accountabilities, and systems to report and monitor on various parameters of service delivery.

Disseminate performance results and discuss with state, districts and facilities providing inputs for any corrections actions.

Performance information contributes to resource allocation decisions regarding the continuity and amount of financing.

Results monitoring will be used to plan further extension and strengthening of the services