Project At A Glance

Enhancing people’s access to quality health care services in the state of Uttar Pradesh

  • Uttar Pradesh Health System Strengthening Project (UPHSSP) is conceived as a strategic initiative to enhance people’s access to quality health care services in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The project seeks to strengthen systems and institutions and their capacity to deliver quality services further in a manner that makes them accessible to people in general and to the poor in particular with a focus on women and un-served people in remote areas.

    The UPHSSP is intended to complement NRHM by focusing on areas, which are either not being directly or adequately addressed by it, but are of critical importance for creating an enabling environment to pursue NRHM goals. It is envisaged that the activities under UPHSSP will also help India achieve the related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), indirectly, but in an overall sense, by improving the health system delivery in the most populated state in the country.

    Project Components:

    Weak institutional capacities and systems, having been recognized as the key challenges to improving access to quality of health care services delivery in UP, the project departs from the traditional “incremental inputs for service delivery”. Instead it focuses on institutional development, strengthening local systems and accountability, generating demand side accountability, introducing incentives for performance, and piloting alternative delivery models, including outsourcing non-clinical services.
                The project consists of the following two components:
                                  (i) strengthening the Department of Health's management and accountability systems; and
                                  (ii) improving the Department of Health’s capacity to perform its quality assurance role and more effectively engage the private sector.
    Each of the components would finance against both specific inputs which would support implementation of agreed activities and results using disbursement linked indicators (DLI). The complementary financing which will disburse against DLIs, is expected to contribute to the implementation of the described project components, and serve as an incentive to achieve the agreed results. Thus, the total financing for each component includes the share of those costs which will disburse as DLIs.

Component-1: Strengthening Management and Accountability Systems
1. Introducing Strategic Planning Function
2(a). Improving use of Data for program management by Strengthening EDP Cell as Data Resource Centre in Medical Directorate
2(b). Introducing Health Geographical Information Systems (HGIS)
3(a). Strengthening Financial Management Systems in the Medical & Health Directorate
3(b). Strengthening CMSD for Procurement & Supply Chain Management
4(a). Introducing and Strengthening Social Accountability in the Public Sector
4(b). Institutional Award & Incentives Schemes
Component-2: Improving Quality of Service Delivery & Private Sector Engagement
1. Strengthening Quality Assurance & Improvement Cell in Medical Directorate
2. Strengthening Environment Management Cell at Medical & Health Directorate
3(a). Strengthening PPP function at Medical & Health Directorate
3(b). Outsourcing of Clinical and non-clinical Services in selected health facilities;
4. Introducing Health & Hospital Management Professionals in hospitals and health facilities.
Budget Summary by Components & Funding

Budget Summary by Components & Funding                                                         Rs. In Millions

                      Summary                                           Financial Year     Total    % Cost
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Component-1: Strengthening Management & Accountability 68.50 265.41 146.44 143.14 109.94 733.44  
Project Support Unit Expenditure-10% of the Basic Cost excluding PSU expenditure (PSU Expenditure provision includes TAP & Auxiliary Consultant fees) 45.54 106.07 124.81 111.68 101.49 489.60  
Total of Component-1: 114.04 371.49 271.25 254.83 211.44 1223.04 22.71
Component-2: Improving Quality of Service Delivery & Private Sector Engagement 386.86 795.31 1101.64 973.69 905.00 4162.50 77.29
Base Cost of the Project interventions excluding DLI 500.90 1166.79 1372.89 1228.52 1116.44 5385.54 100.00
Total Project Cost including DLI 500.90 1526.79 2002.89 1858.52 1746.44 7635.54  
IDA Share -85%of Base Cost-(A) 425.76 991.77 1166.96 1044.24 948.97 4577.71  
State Share-15% of Base Cost 75.13 175.02 205.93 184.28 167.47 807.83  
DLI Component funding by IDA USD-50 Millions-(B)

DLI fund allocated under:
Component-1, USD-24 Millions
Component-21, USD-26 Millions
Valued @INR-45=1USD
  360.00 630.00 630.00 630.00 2250.00  
Total Project funding by IDA including DLI component (A+B) 425.76 1351.77 1796.96 1674.24 1578.97 6827.71  
Annual Disbursement in USD in Millions 9.46 30.04 39.93 37.21 35.09 151.73  
Estimated cumulative disbursement by WB in USD 9.46 39.50 79.43 116.64 151.73    

Hospitals selected for NABH Accreditation-