Disbursement linked Indicators

Linkage to PDO/PDO indicator Indicator Baseline End of Year 1 End of Year 2 End of Year 3 End of Year 4 Data source Responsibility for data collection
Component 1. Strengthening the Department of Health’s Management and Accountability Systems
Accountability and efficiency; PDO indicator 2 1. Percentage of districts using the personnel information system for paying salaries of health workers Nil - 10% 30% 60% Project progress reports PCT; DOHFW (Finance Controller, DRC)
Efficiency and accountability; PDO indicator 3 2. Percentage of districts with completed and published facility-based report cards detailing national health programs indicators and facility-level performance data Nil DRC established and 75% of staff in place with clear TOR; District report card formats developed; and Guidelines issued to the districts 20% 50% 75% Review of published district report cards PCT; Directorates of H&FW (Data Resource Centre)
Efficiency 3. Percentage reduction in procurement cycle time To be collected in the assessment report   Assessment completed and accepted by the government, and Action Plan prepared 10% reduction 20% reduction Project progress reports PCT; Directorates of H&FW (CMSD)
Accountability; PDO indicator 4 4. Percentage of Primary Health Centers participating in the social accountability pilots for which a service delivery assessment has been completed and at least one corrective action by government is verified by the community Nil Pilot design developed, baseline completed, and evaluation framework developed NGO hired and implementation started in treatment districts 20% 50% Third party validation of assessment reports PCT
Component 2. Improving the Department of Health’s Capacity to Perform Its Quality Assurance Role and More Effectively Engage the Private Sector
Efficiency, quality, and accountability; PDO indicator 1 5. Percentage of hospitals under the accreditation program that annually produce data and monitor: service productivity, efficiency, quality, patient satisfaction, and grievance registration and redressal Nil   30% 60% 90% Annual hospital performance report PCT; Directorate of MH (QA cell)
Efficiency and quality; PDO indicator 5 6. Number of PPPs/outsourcing contracts using performance based contracts Nil PPP cell established with at least 75 % of staff in place with clear TOR; Performance based contract format developed for at least 2 outsourcing contracts 15 30 50 Review of outsourcing contracts PCT; Directorates of MH&FW (PPP cell); QA cell to validate the performance
Quality; PDO indicator 6 7. Percentage of hospitals under the accreditation program that have been certified for pre-entry level accreditation Nil QA cell established and 75% of staff in place with clear Terms of Reference 25% 60% 90% Pre-assessment reports QA cell reports Six monthly progress reports PCT; Directorate of MH (QA cell)
TOTAL DISBURSEMENT (USD mil) 8 14 14 14 US$50 million
End of Year 1 End of Year 2 End of Year 3 End of Year 4